Friday, May 24, 2013

Old Way: Traveling Kitty to Yogyakarta I

Yep. This was when we were aboard the plane going to Jogja.
I was pretty excited cause the locals say it is the most cultured, traditional and art-based city of all.
*insert gong sound here*
I was actually so into Gyaru style that time, I am loaded with make up and my hair was big.
needless to say my clothes were too girly.

Garuda Indonesia's snacks <3


this motherfucker is badass! haha!

street performers.

me and Citra's room.

we were staying at the school's guest house. Here we were chilling outside the house.

something to buy at the store. Just straight ahead is the school.


my only companion in bed.

first meeting and opening with the school president and teachers.

Our classroom.

leather showcases for leather making.

lots of leather!

what we usually see inside the campus.

leather class.

ceramics work room.

ceramics student.

my favorite sculpture inside the campus! it's so cute

school center.

Multimedia building.

music room inside multimedia building.

ridiculously amazing housing design building.

snake fruit. abundant in Indonesia.

Thida's super cute souvenirs ^^ from Myan Mar

beautiful afternoon.

Ambarrukmo Plaza

colorful sodas at Pizzahut

massive salad buffet at Pizzahut! only in Indonesia lol

really delish Chicken Mandarin Pasta at pizzahut

Bread Talk's Bulky Chocolate Chip Cupcake mmm <3

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