Friday, May 24, 2013

Old Way: Kitty takes Batik Course

Gooood mornin/afternoon/evening to you gents and ladies.

I am proud to be an ASEAN IACS graduate and glad to have really good friends.
In this post you will see how cool our batch was and fun most of all!
Batik is a very intricate and delicate art, it comes with hard work and determination.
Batik is significant to Indonesia's culture, they have numerous Batik museums, and collections, everything from clothes, accessories, art works, furniture and even a wear Batik day.

I love batik, it has made me learn patience and determination. Why? because you have to love what you're doing, and it is not just a hobby, a job, a business but a tradition that will never fade.

These are batik canting tools.

hot wax that you don't wanna drop on your toes lol

me and Putri. Teachers introducing us batik and kinds of fabric.


first try of freehand batik

The batch wearing clean aprons lol

soaking the soon-to-be-dyed-batik in clean water with detergent.

After dyeing.

drying it.

another round of free-hand canting technique.

Dyeing it again with a new color.

Citra sketching her 4-meter project.

sketching my 4-meter project.

sarong project. Flowers Gumamela and Jasmine.

working on the 4-meter fabric. dyeing process.

working on my batik cap project. A 4-meter cloth and sarong.

dyeing process.

my 4-meter batik canting fabric.

yup hard work lol

cecek style. Sarong batik canting.

Macho batik cap. lol

Sketching my concept.

Concentrating on my work.

On our way to class.

snack time!

a very quirky shoot with classmates, teachers and a journalist :)

Learning Bahasa Indonesia and the culture of Indonesia.


of course I was having fun! no seriously, I did :)

my first free hand batik, finish product.

my first 4-meter fabric batik. Mindanaoan theme.

Finish product Sarong Batik. Beach Theme

Batik Cap with canting finish product. The 4-meter cloth and Sarong.

It was a pleasure to have cooperated in this program. I learned a lot, a lot from Indonesia, and from my colleagues, especially during this trip which made me aware of being prepared before traveling.
I know I also made mistakes, and a failure to have traveled heavy. That was a time where I was too full of myself (make-up, and being materialistic) because I was hooked with "gal style". Now, I took this lesson to enjoy most of the day with the company of my family and friends, nature, scenery, food, local people and fun things to do.

We travel and we learn.

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