Friday, September 27, 2013

Traveling Kitty: Island hopping at Pujada and Waniban Island, Mati

Before reading this post. Please read the first post which was at Masao beach Resort
or you can just proceed reading this one if you're not interested :)

I told mom that Masao Beach Resort services an island hopping. Then mom decided right away as she also got excited. We left some of our belongings in the rooms we rented. The staff said it will be locked, safe and carefully watched. (and they did a great job after all)

Anyway, we rented a tour boat where you can actually ask the staff in Masao Beach Resort to take you to Pujada Island and Waniban Island. They will ask what time and I answered "right away", as we planned to go in the morning and have lunch at the first island.

The island hopping is P 2,000 with 12-15 maximum persons. The captain and staff of the boat officially works in Mati Tourism (you will know since they are wearing a mati tourism shirt). We included them in our food and drinks (we can all share right?) because we landed on the first island at lunch time and had snacks at the second island. By the way, please bring extra money because the 2nd island has an entrance fee per head, I think it's their new law to preserve the place, there is a tiny village there and some farm animals hehe, had fun feeding the goats lol

just me hanging on to the boat.

the crew.

Nice island view, a lot more as you go along the way.

arrival at the first island at Waniban.

mom enjoying at the moment.


fortunate boyfran who can do a handstand (I can't boohoo).

what? what did they see? they said they saw a snake-like creature. After this shot they were totally freakin' out lol

so random.

clair de lune was here :)

just saw this along the coast. It looks melancholic.

Having lunch, everybody's hungry man! that includes me :P

on our way to the second island, Pujada Island.

look at that seafoam green water <3

The best place we've been to as it was abundant of life and we had the best snorkel experience.

The water here is calm but there are areas where the current is kind of harsh but bearable, and weird that that part of the water was hot, in contrast with the cool breeze.

some awesome shots taken hehe

snorkeling. I don't have an underwater cam, so let this be a lesson that I should buy asap :)

More photos in my facebook account actually :)

That's the last photo we had in our island hopping trip. Hopefully, next time I'll have underwater cam photos because the marine life was too awesome (for a first timer like me lol)

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