Friday, May 24, 2013

Old Way: Traveling Kitty to Jakarta, Indonesia

Hey guise.
*sigh* this is such an old umm.. let's say post cause I didn't have the time to
write about it.. nor post it, I dont know maybe I'm just lazy when it comes to blogging.
I like a few typed words then more on pictures and that's it.
But is it or is it not a blog when I just randomly say whatever in this site.
Thus, here I will post my very old travel to Indonesia.
The city is lively with smiles and good food.
I remember a wonderful city.

Day I

The first time I've seen true meaning of Islam.

Indonesians are so hospitable. The organizers ordered this and wow! hot! good thing there's cream of soup.
(Sofyan Hotel, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia)

First Formal Meeting of the IACS ASEAN Scholars

Every hotel in the world should have this.

Very nice looking path to the nearest store/mall.

It's like the "jeepneys" of Indonesia. Cheaper of course.

I tend to doodle a lot. hnggh!

one sick building yea!

No, we didn't buy any souvenirs from this shop! The products may cost more than our allowance lol

It's the ole delicacy of Indonesian Cuisine! Kropuk (or kropek in Philippines)
totally forgot the name of this restaurant.

A traditional treat in Indonesia. It has pandan jelly, cherry flavor and coconut milk I think.
Everything is oishi!

First, I thought it was the typical fried chicken. It's not the typical. Crispy spicy native chicken..
It tastes good but I was hoping for a tender one. hoho

everybody's serious eh? haha

Our first shopping. A lot of fruits, berries and snacks.
We were hanging out in Nabil Fikri's room haha

Cheers to the new friendship!

Day 2

Hurry up and learn Bahasa Indonesia hehe

Snack before going back to our lessons.

My lunch. Fish Fillet, Spicy Chicken, Kropuk and Sambal Sauce.


That is one comfortable-looking place in the middle of the road. lol

Museum Tekstil visit.
(Since, our scholarship was to learn about Batik. We visited numerous Batik Museums
to widen our knowledge and Inspirations; so as we could learn from the experts too)

Beautiful Hokokai Batik <3 I think it's Pagi Sore.

Copper Stamps like a mixed media painting

How to's of Batik Canting and dyeing

My friend Putri inside this amazing batik-incorporated room.

I have these at home.

Nabil Fikri and his charming persona!

Guess what place is this...

haha! yeap! your Presidency, the white house of Indonesia.

Another gastronomic experience at Bumbu Desa!

Appetizers! greens and sambal sauce


grilled squid my favorite! <3

Scholars and ASEAN official

This is actually sweet tofu grilled. It's not charred lol

In Filipino, it is sweet and spicy dillis! It's "Teri" in Indonesia.

This is absolutely amazing! Architecture Establishment.

We were fortunate enough to experience one of Jakarta's street festival :)

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