Friday, May 24, 2013

Traveling Kitty - Eden and Crocodile Park, Davao City

A family getaway!
I haven't visited eden and crocodile park in ages!
It feels like a new experience again.
the wide parks, the fresh air, really cool breeze.
God! it's so relaxing just away from the city.


Eden Nature Park

bro, mom and the driver.

Gourmet buffet inclusive of the entrance fee.

mango float <3

haha some funny shots!

Lots of desserts <3

big bro, mom and me.

if you're freaked out with dead insects then don't come to this place lol


my boyfriend is really the strongest! look how high he jumps!

lookin like a troll.

I still love playgrounds till now.

mini zipline! t'was fun!

on our way to another destination.

Crocodile Park


such a cutie <3

yeah you go girl!

d'awwwww! <3

hahahaha! I got really excited.

at Riverwalk Grill. They have the best exotic foods!

old fiest style theme. Mindanao Performances.

fire dancers! fire performance! amazing!

chicken nuggets

Spicy Chicken

the most awaited crocodile sisig.