Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your point of view of Mindanao

A secluded area in Cortez, no one was around, not even a guard, the area was abandoned when we got here. But here I was, taking a little dip in this natural pool while two huge black crows stand and watch. I'm still alive and this place was amazingly beautiful! I honestly and desperately want to go back!



don't worry, it's funny and awesome! lol

heyyyyyy! yeap, I'm venting the hell out! Mindanao is indeed beautiful and to everyone who bitches about our place, it reflects your personality that you are not happy about your life. Pity.

Why am I saying this? earlier today, I read this post about remote places in the Philippines that you can visit, but of course the south which is called Mindanao was most featured. Apparently a guy named Mike commented a very rude opinion generalizing that the south should NEVER (take note, never) be visited. A typical expat who married a Filipina, spent only 5 years in the Phils. and have never visited the southern parts of his wife's country. All these from mass media and canned chatter. I take his opinion as a joke, you can't trust someone who only experienced Philippines for 5 years, and even told something about Muslims. Guise, I want to be honest here and point out that every place, whether a remote area or a place with a bunch of wackos deserves RESPECT because you don't know these people and you don't know their story, you don't even have a clue about religion. The media tells you something that'll feed your hunger for bad news cause you know you're not there, you don't exist in that place which makes you feel good and have a better life.

Dear friends, my mom travels with me from North to South of Mindanao, we only travel by car, I have spoken to a lot of locals be in my bikini, or an outrageous outfit; we have been lost for a couple of times but people seem to point us to the right direction, we have things inside our car and never a stolen object, we've talked to locals who speak in a different language yet still managed to have better understanding than paying a taxi driver in Manila. You know what's the damn worse experience I've had? talking to some foreigners and some filipinos (even these guys) who think we kill because of religion, when I'm in the airport and everybody thinks youre a fucking criminal because youre from the south, when I have difficulty with my tagalog accent and they would laugh and make a joke out of it, when some people think my city is a bomb-threat and my boyfriend will die if he doesn't get out of this place.

I want to speak out, you are stupid if you think like a dude trapped in a box. When you say SOUTHERN PARTS OF THE PHILIPPINES you are acknowledging Davao City which has the strictest, if not, the most justifiable laws in the country. You're too stupid enough to be a war-freak, like a racist son of a bitch, of course you will be in big trouble. War doesn't happen in one place, it happens everyday, every part of the world, and if you like disrespecting other's turfs, I would suggest you shut the fuck up and die for you country so blessed, oh so blessed *fireworks*

I'm not patronizing the Philippines, I am simply giving you my standpoint over this issue. Please just stop generalizing and disrespecting Mindanao, it's not you living here, it's us and our families from the south, and we loved it ever since.

Mike's opinion is Mike's opinion or maybe your opinion also, but don't express an opinion if you haven't experienced it yourself.



If I have typos, I am human I make mistakes. Apologize for cussing too.

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