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Traveling Kitty - Tinuy-an Falls, Casa de Babano & Ocean View Park

Hey guise. Another adventure awaits us; a very popular falls and the widest in the Philippines according to its reputation, but also the easiest to locate and access with your preferred transportation.

The falls is so majestic, absolutely beautiful. It was my first time to see such wide formation. I've been to Lake Sebu number one falls and my reaction was quite different, lake sebu was extremely scary because it was tall and windy while this one, I felt relaxed and the wideness of the falls took my breath away, literally lol.

I have to stop my introduction and start sharing, but if you haven't read the first part of this itinerary, please do: CLICK ME

After Marky's Hostel, we went to our next destination which was in Bislig City. Hinatuan to Bislig is a 39 min. or an hour drive. If you're wondering where we had our brunch, we had pancit canton at a nearby shop in Mangagoy. Why? because our van got totally messed up and we had to stop at Mangagoy to get it fixed. Good news was we drove it without using the air condition, signal lights and sound system, bad news was it was done in the next morning. Thank God though we got to our destination as fast as we can.

Feel free to watch this video I made for my family and friends,
in and around Surigao! clips in Tinuy-an Falls are in it too.

Tinuy-an falls is an easy drive. It has a huge parking space, and it was already breathtaking.

If it doesn't rain, Tinuy-an is lowtide. We stayed here until past noon and it rained a bit, the falls began to get stronger yet still accessible :)

This three-top falls is measured 180 ft from top to bottom. Yes it has three tops, first level is the widest, 2nd not so much and 3rd smallest.

You don't wanna miss this rafting experience too and it's not dangerous. It goes directly to the harsh point of the waterfall, like ping pong balls thrown at you haha! trust me it's really good.

See, my mom and bro liked it! this explains a free massage haaah!

But of course don't forget to jump in the dark waters, 30 ft. if you can manage the current. I saw someone who swam maybe more than 10 laps already, I think he/she is a professional swimmer practicing his/her usual routine.

Inside the falls is this stupendous wall. You can even stand with just the right position, a bit slippery though.

After the raft ride we went to the 2nd level of the falls, about as amazing as the 1st level. Make sure you like a little hike going up surrounded by nature because I forced my mom to go with us lol

Tells how happy and excited we were, mother and daughter adventure yay!

This is the 3rd level of the falls, the upper part was not accessible anymore, I don't know why but it seems there was no way going up there. Try if you must :) lol

Everybody should marvel the beauty of this wonderful place, respect as it is and never abuse such creation.


1. We went here June so it wasn't as crowded as the usual summer holidays.
2. Rainy season means a lot of slippery areas so be careful and don't run.
3. Prepare an entrance fee, but the driver is free of charge.
4. Its best to bring your own food but if you want to order they usually serve seafood.
5. I think the rental charge of the life vest is per 30 min. or 1 hour so if you're not using them anymore better give them back.


Yes! everybody should come, your grandma, grandpa, grand grandma, grand grandpa, everyone! cause you don't need to hike; just when you park your car, this magnificent falls is there to greet you.

For more information about this place, visit:

After a few swims, and a lot of sight seeing in Tinuy-an, we needed a place to stay.
Casa de Babano is the answer for that! yes, my research skill is very useful because internet lol. Casa de babano pension house is laidback, affordable and hip. It has all actually! a hotel, a restaurant with eat-all-you-can and a karaoke bar, what more can you ask for? The place is actually easy to locate but you can ask the locals about it and they will surely help.

Be aware of traffic laws too, you might see signs like "no entry" so don't enter because Bislig is like Davao, smoking is prohibited in some areas and traffic rules are observed by patrols.

I didn't take pictures around Casa de Babano, but I did take a few shots in our room and restaurant.

The room's quite clean and simple; I liked the beds with that minimalist look, a black and white combination. This room is very spacious that we made time and place for exercise. The air conditioning system was also working good and the cable tv may be a bit small but okay. The bathroom & toilet was clean and okay. I think this is the Triple Sharing Bed room.

Dinner in their restaurant. They have yummy food in their menu. They also serve free breakfast for overnight stays but depends on the rooms capacity. Don't worry, their food is affordable and reasonable. Furthermore, don't forget to try their special brewed coffee, not the coffee machine but the one you can order for just 50 php, a must!

My mom and these guise had a good night at the Karaoke bar, I didn't get to be with them as I was dead tired and fast asleep. The karaoke session is unlimited as long as you order drinks and food. The bar was clean and nice, they really had a good time.

Casa de Babano pension house is located at Caramcam district, Mangagoy, Bislig City
contact no: (086) 853 1297 / (086) 311 0940
Room rates: 900 - 1500 php
Extra bed: 200 php
Excess person: 50 php

for more information, please check: Casa de Babano pension house

Morning came, fixed our breakfast, fixed ourselves, packed up and hit the road again. I didn't wanna pass the doll house I was hoping to get a glimpse so we went to Ocean View Park first before heading up north.

Ocean View Park is just a few km. away from Mangagoy; still in Bislig City. This park is a restaurant with an awesome view and a ridiculously amazing collection of dolls.

But before you reach your destination, you must go up these stairs and perspire lol.

Don't worry, your effort won't go to waste as this beautiful landscape will greet you while you inhale fresh air.

Since we got here at lunch time, it's a feast haha (burned a few calories going up too). However, one of the waitresses told us that they were only serving snacks and desserts for the meantime because their official chef which is also the owner of this restaurant and doll house was out of town. It didn't bother us cause we wanted to try out their burgers and salads after all.

This is the cutest placemat I have ever seen! D: I'm jelezzz!

Yessss! look at it! look how tasty they are! yes, they were absolutely delicious and so right for our hungry tummy. The salads were refreshing, fresh greens all the way. Beef patty cooked to perfection and the fries, HELLYEAAAH! I'm spazzing right now STOP ME! lol. Seriously guise, they do serve super affordable snacks.

I was so eager to go inside the doll house, I remember when I was child I had a lot of original barbies which I've already re-painted them into scary beings. K, I'll just give you a partial view inside.

 Uhh... overloaded with kawaii.

 Attractive dolls. More sexier than barbie! :p

 Paper doll house of perfection!

Yeah... barbie...

For the coffee connoisseurs. Someday I will collect coffee & tea sets as elegant as this D:

WHY???!!! why are you not mine? lol

If I had long black hair, wearing a black dress and the lights were dim, you would totally freak out right now, I would too.

This doll museum is a lolicon dream place, I'm just kidding, everybody is welcome here!


Entrance fee - 20php/Adult
                      Free for all Kindergarten

for more information, please visit: Ocean View Park & Doll House

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."
                                                                                                 -Robert Louis Stevenson

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