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The Traveling Kitty: Around Mati City and Masao

What's up guise.
Here's another late post.
But before you proceed, please read the first part of our Mati Getaway (if you haven't read it yet):
Thanks many many!

So, after spending the night at Dahican Surf Resort, and check-out at around 3 in the afternoon.
We went to the city proper to have our lunch fix, a very late one.

I didn't know much about where-to-eat places in Mati City nor where-to-hangout and stuff but
I did remember by surfin' the net about a popular restaurant in the area.

It was called La-ne's Kan-anan, located at Bonifacio St., Mati City.
It was a special place if you want something out of the ordinary like not a karinderya nor fast food, then this place is a must. The food is very delicious, appetizing and god! I just want more but it doesn't come cheap. Price ranges from P 100 - more. Honestly, food is worth it, a must-try.

We decided to dine here because I don't eat fast food, junk food, and rice; plus this restaurant was only in Mati.

Here you may check the map:

boyfran was anticipating and doubting if the food tastes great or not.

tenen! here are some of our orders (didn't have time to capture the rest, as our companion have very lil' time to compliment the food for it was half eaten in 60 seconds lol)
This ere' is called Beef Kaldereta. It is a famous Filipino dish and this one was just ugh! amazing! Very hearty, sweet and it's not like one of those beef kaldereta's that are oozing with bagoong
You've got to try this one at La-ne's.

Next one is my favorite. It is very delicious, and sweet and spicy which I love the most.
This is called Sinurol and I don't really know if it's a Mati signature or tagalog dish but I do know that
it's Native Chicken Tinola with coconut juice and spices.
I would love to have this soup right now ugh.

It's not just your typical chicken barbecue. I love how it's not over-grilled (overcooked), as you can see there were only few charred parts. Delish!

Me and my bf don't drink sodas and artificial juices. So, I ordered this naturally squeezed calamansi juice with no sugar. It wasn't bad at all and not too sour.

After eating out. We headed to the Mati Baywalk which was only a few meters away from La-ne's.
We had a few snapshots and enjoyed the view of their clean baywalk.

This is La-ne's.

After strolling in the park (Mati Baywalk), we decided to go to our next trip which was in Masao.
It's in the other side of Dahican, and farther.

By the way, the roads were still under-construction, and one hell of a bumpy ride. Drive slowly and safely.

We were heading to Masao Beach Resort.
The beach here is not the same with Dahican. The water is more calm. If you want to relax and drink the night out with your friends then this is the place for you.

However, based on my observation and experience. It was not as clean as I've expected it to be, or maybe because it was just getting "old" and left as it was.

I have fear in dark oceanic things in the water, crazy sharp barnacles and cockroaches.
If you can't tolerate things like these then better head out somewhere where you can just camp and tent, or a hotel maybe because it was getting dark and we had to stay-in somewhere.
After all, this was also planned in my itinerary, but like I said, I never expected the place to be this... undesirable lol

I have to honestly say, It was calm and beautiful, sunset and sunrise was splendid.
Just that the water was not that clean, and there were jellies and other weird things.
The room we rented was infested with cockroaches, ugh... and not just the rooms actually, the whole area.
I forced myself to sleep because if I don't, how will I start my day beautiful?

Anyway, fuck this cockroach thing and let's just move on and forget about it.

Guise, the beach here is different because seaweed's abundant and many sea forms are visibly swimming around them.

The sun kissing us good night. Calm waters turn blue to dark green.
Darkness wrapping us to welcome solitude.

Our guise enjoying the water and having fun.
We were told to be very cautious swimming at night. Night swimming isn't allowed but if you've got the balls to dive in and float. Swim at your own risk.

Did sleep and I was ready, and excited to our next trip which was one of the priorities in the itinerary.
Thus the morning was merry making. Had breakfast, and coffee.

here's a day shot of the water and diving area.

A lil workout before island hopping. Pumping up our day!

The next post will be about our Island Hopping at two famous places Pujada and Waniban Island.

Overall, I'd give Masao Beach Resort a rate of 5 out of 10.

As I've mentioned dirty things about this, the place was also calm and breezy in the morning but not exactly relaxing as it was lifeless and boring.

If you and your friends didn't bring an acoustic guitar then well, they do have videoke/karaoke but it was quite far from the room we rented.


We rented the cheapest room with a toilet - P 600.00
The rooms are located near the water (like floating houses) and has specific diving areas.
The nearest to the entrance is okay for kids while we were located farthest and the water was deeper.


Ask the staff about the Island Hopping and she will immediately contact the tourism dept. - P 2,000.00
for two islands (no snacks and such), we offered the boaters to have lunch with us. Bring your own food and don't forget to bring extra money for Waniban Island has an entrance fee. The boaters have snorkel for rent and is affordable. You have to try snorkeling at Waniban, you will surely enjoy and will be left wondering - the marine world is indeed mysterious, terrifying and beautiful.

Island hopping at Pujada Bay <--- please click this link to go to the next post

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