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Leticia by the Sea



Lemme tell you about Leticia by the sea.

This was my review on Trip Advisor:

"Exquisite, relaxing and fun spent time at Leticia by the Sea. Far away from busy streets, buildings, and factories; truly private and eco-friendly. A must visit resort to unwind, to think clearly, to enjoy nature and to eat good food. The staff are nice, the Chef cooks delicious food, and the rooms are clean and awesome. Excellent accommodation and a lot of things to do - like sports activities, so it's not just for couples but also for friends and family! We definitely enjoyed our stay in Leticia by the Sea." 

This has been truly a great experience. I had never even tried stepping on corals but I did it and faced my fear. Why? We went there to shoot a promotional video for the resort. I was one of the cast, and I had a role to swim, ride a sort of inflatable boat (where you just sit and grab the handle) while the jetski is dragging us and jump on the floating trampoline, it was super fun!

The resort also offers scuba diving. Snorkeling must be so cool since the marine life is so abundant, you can see a lot of school of fishes, and many life forms. If I could spend my day off again, I would totally go for at least a day in Leticia by the Sea.

You can check their website for full information:

Please watch the PV first, you will not regret checking this out:

The resort's inclusion is this MV Leticia to take you privately in the resort. They also have packages where you can go on an island hopping and have your meals prepared on board. Amazeballs!

The beautiful crystal clear water of the resort.

Inside the room where me & my roomie slept. We didn't even have to use the air condition, we just opened the windows (screened), and turned on the fan and we felt like a baby sleeping. I prefer natural wind than the ice cold air.

Me, Arnee, Pao and Cj.

Here's the inflatable boat tied on the jetski. It was so intense and accelerating. We loved the rush!

Wanna try this? Trampoline by the beach! We didn't put life vests on because we can swim. For those who can't swim I highly recommend you wear one, the trampoline was placed more than 10 feet above sea level.

How about kayaking? By the way, this was my first time to use the kayak because I was just not into water sports before (even though I've graduated from swimming lessons), but now it's time to step up my game and try everything! be a daredevil!

After a long day out in the sun. You can relax or read a book in this comfy space outdoor, maybe listen to some good music while drinking coconut juice, or cuddle up with your loved one.

This is a video still from the PV. My role here was I stayed in the seaside villa. The villa is the most beautiful room you can rent on the beach. It has a private toilet & bath, a maximum of 4 persons in the room, and a view you can never forget. This villa is excellent for honeymooners, you have to check their website to inquire about their packages:

A sneak peek in the seaside villa. You can watch the PV above to see how beautiful their rooms are.

Since most of the photos above were not taken by me, now I will share the pictures I took in the resort:

MV Leticia. Private boat to your destination.

Sungka game. You can ask the staff about this.
It's a traditional Filipino game.

View from our room in the morning.

Toilet & Bath Room, super clean and fantastic.

Gate to go inside the twin rooms.

You might want to stay here with your family and friends. There were at least three beds in each room.

This is where we stayed. I used the hammock when I was reading a book and drinking coffee.

Seaside Villas

Trampoline by the beach.

Relaxing outdoors. Have a picnic here maybe?

If you bring your own long board, you might wanna try a downhill on this spot.

Like these guys.

This room is for big groups, either a family trip or a business trip, with specific toilet & bath for men and women so you won't have to wait in line.

This is the Pavilion. It's sort of a laid back outdoor living room with comfy beds and pillows, and a flat-screen TV too! We listened to loud busting music, and I tell you, no one cared because this resort is totally private.

You must go to this place and visit the wonders of Talicud Island.

To get here, you should visit their website and call their hotline or visit their official hotel at Casa Leticia hotel just in front of People's Park, Davao City. Welp! enjoy! :)

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