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Old Way: Traveling Kitty to Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Indonesia

Hey guise.
I am now updating for the nth time my travelogue to Indonesia.
Before, I wasn't focused on maximizing the context of my travels because I was a hectic busy-bee lol but from now on, I will definitely finish the journey. It may take a lot of time because seriously guise I am not a good blogger, nor a smart person using english (so that everyone can understand).

I want to share my experiences in Indonesia, not only pictures but also with words which that time I just can't express through candid shots. Y'know that feeling? when I saw that gigantic elephant for the first time, that was the moment when I felt "BOOM! BANG!" because it was really surprising! I guess if I wrote them in words rather than the collection of photos in my Facebook, you would instantly know the true meaning of it.

I had plenty of travels in Yogyakarta, and some of them were part of the Itinerary in the Batik Program; for us to learn the culture and heritage of Indonesia. Me and my classmates had the best moments shared, especially with teachers and officials.

Kraton or Keraton is the Javanese word for a royal palace. Its name is derived from ka-ratu-an which means the residence of ratuRatu is the traditional honorific title to refer the "ruler" (king or queen). In Java, the palace of a prince is called puro or dalem. The general word to designate a palace is istana, as in Indonesian and Malay.
- en.wikipedia.org

Kraton Yogyakarta is actually big. We went to the back part of this palace which was the introduction for it's royalty. Don't be too excited for the merchandise though, they are all over the area and that makes this spot full of surprises but don't purchase anything yet. Learn to understand the meaning of this place before buying souvenirs.

Here are just some of the merchants, and they are selling pretty things.

my ticket to the palace with an official english curator/guide.

Ancient and significant exteriors of the palace.

artistic and complicated details you want to see in real life :)

A very informative and detailed way to introduce the family tree.

my classmates Thida, Citra and Nabil

These stars represent a meaning, but I have forgotten what they were. You have to go there to find out! :)

This is where the Sultan and his family lived before.

This is where they hold royal occasions, like the wedding of the Princesses. Only with royal blood can step foot on the marbled floors. It's funny though that pigeons have infested the roof top, and well, smells like birdsh--- a blessing I guess :p

The Batik Program Scholars 2011

random driver on a modern Becak Takes you to your destination faster, maybe a lil' pricey compared to the slower ones (haven't tried it though).

A professional Batik artist. Mostly women are masters of this type of technique called canting.

Whenever you visit Kraton Yogyakarta, the guide/curator will always lead you to a narrow path to visit the Batik souvenir shop. This shop offers stunning intricate batik art and all of them are handmade, and they don't come cheap. Batik is a very delicate art form, or clothing which makes the piece expensive.
Although I rather not buy anything from this shop because I was just a student. This Jesus painting costs 100,000 Indonesian RP, and that already has a student discount which is 379.00 php. It was quite generous but I haven't received my scholarship allowance yet and I've already spent half of my supporting money. If you want to buy from this shop, politely ask for a discount, maybe a tourist discount :D

here are some of their works.

Photo by Nabil Fikri Haronli

Citra and the owner of this shop explaining to us why Batik is such a delicate art. You will know once you visit this place.

Next we visited the innermost of the Palace, which has various museums and the Royal Residence.

Creepy stuffed animals! hell naw!

Beautiful friends Putri and Citra near the entrance of the gate.

Puppet show being prepared.

This cute handsome boy left me in awww! xoxo
He is the son of a Royal Guard, and is usually passed on to generations,
 everybody was caught by his cutie patootie guard uniform.

Only with royal blood may step on to the floors of the actual Sultan Palace.

You can see the maintenance staff cleaning.

Dat mirror is shining.

me, Lala, Putri, Nabil, Thida, Nary, Tar and Citra.

Royal Guard and staff meeting. Why? The wedding of one of the Sultan's daughters was approaching and they need to have a plan for that, guarding and stuff.

I love this! I really love Indonesian art. Quite scary yet fascinating!

Wine House of the Sultan. Islam prohibits alcoholic beverages, such as wine. I don't know why they have this. Anyway royalty is royalty so no more questions.

Once you go in the official museum, you will see this magnificent ceiling and chandelier!

The present Sultan of Yogyakarta.

Some of the Sultan's collections in his younger years.

A gift from Thailand to the Sultan.

My name in ancient writing Javanese. I'm not sure though lol
but Sir guide was pretty sure of it.

Thida beside a big ass dough roller, it produces various gong sounds.

and the puppet show started. If you can't understand Bahasa Indonesia, be sure you appreciate shadow play because it was absolutely incredible!

After a long day at the palace and buzzing tourists everywhere, we went to the nearest restaurant (was part of our itinerary) - which I totally forgot the resto name, and our teachers ordered the traditional Gudeg. 
It was simply delicious! sweet and savory. I can honestly say now, I miss this food so much and I'm hoping to have a taste again :)

These guys are just awesome street performers! I requested Yogyakarta by Kla Project
yeah yeah I know, it's such a boring and cheesy song but nuh-uh for me, I love it! and they performed it so good, better than the original haha.

Yogyakarta has a rich culture and I wouldn't want to change anything about it. I love Indonesia!

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