Friday, April 5, 2013

Traveling Kitty - Isla Reta, Talicud Island

The beach is cake for everyone to celebrate life.

Isla Reta is a great getaway for friends, family or just you and your lover. The beach is not overcrowded hence the limited bungalows and cottages. Isla Reta is a fine beach, in the morning, the twinkling waters greet you with a bright day and blue, seafoam green, bright yellow takes place. There are many fishes in Isla Reta, I would assume that the beach is preserved and taken care of. The trash doesn't go in the water, it goes where it should stay, trash bins.

If you bring Goggles, then the fishy experience will be fun.

Isla Reta is limited. There is a long rope which you shouldn't cross thus boats cross on that path and there are no life guards.

There are grilling stations in Isla Reta but some people cook their food at home or buy food at stores or you can actually order at Isla Reta's mini restaurant. I prefer to use the grill, fresh, juicy and good meals make up my day!

On sundays, Isla Reta is usually crowded (but not as crowded as noise pollution). There are no videoke bars in the resort which I think is awesome. They play music but if you stay at the not so crowded spot then its only the sea you'll hear.

Weekdays is the most peaceful week in Isla Reta. If you want to unwind, relax and feel the warmth of the sun then come to Isla Reta, Talicud Island IGACOS, Davao City, Philippines.

The lantsa or mini-boat to reach Isla Reta is located at Magsaysay Wharf. The fee is 80 pesos per person (it already comes with the resort's entrance fee). Each individual should have 200 pesos for the back and forth fee. The boat will dock at magsaysay wharf at 8 a.m. then set sails at 9 a.m. or sometimes 10 a.m. but it depends, some Filipinos are always late on schedules (very very late).

here are some shots last 2011 on a Friday and Saturday:

me and my boyfriend. Yes it was only the two of us in this shenanigan. lol

inside our rented room in the resort. Don't expect the rooms to be luxurious. You can stay at tents anyway, whatever you want just as long as you pay the Overnight fee.

This is the most peaceful spot in Isla Reta.

The tables and chairs don't have a price. We rented a room but the beach was closer in this spot. Sheff relaxes in the afternoon while I was busy taking pictures of the scenery.

Fishermen selling fresh caught fish. Of course it isn't pricey unlike in the wet market or at the mall.

Past 5. The sun sets down, the cold breeze, the beach whispers like a lullaby.

Morning Glory!

chillin' in the morning with rock music on!

Buko Juice for lunch. It is seldom sold here. We were fortunate to have bought the last two coconuts lol

think green, green, greeeen. green tinted sixties mind lol

because I know how to float! haha!

About to go back home.

on the Lantsa or mini-boat. oh you could see how deep the water is lol

All aboard!!!

Some sunset shots with my watermark. If you're going back home at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, You'd see this along the way.

here are some recent shots of 2012. It was on a Sunday which means, everybody's day off:

For lunch. Chicken Breasts fillet, marinated with herbs, spices and soy sauce. grilled in open flame ^^ It wasn't over-cooked, it was awesome, very tender and juicy.

for Lunch too. Veggie Kebabs as side dish. Those white cubes aren't tofu actually they're sweet potatoes. Not a good idea to cook them on an open flame it takes hours and hours haha! so we decided to cast out the sweet potatoes. cast out lol

BTS in my Maillot swimwear shoot. using 80-200 mm f/2.8 nikkor lens.

Just relaxing.

I think the only fair looking picture of us lol

Here are some shots by Sheff de Leon (a trainee of mine in Freelance Photography) for the Isla de Luna maillot shoot:


Thanks for the time! It's more fun in the beach, I'd say.

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